How many times have you said to yourself “I’d like to run away to Tobago for the day”? But never do, either because you don’t know how to or what you’ll do when you actually get there. Thus, we’ve created a guide to ensure you get the most out of your adventurous dash across to paradise and back.

Tobago Day Trip – Photo by @bestplacesihaveseen

Take the plane

Keep in mind you’re running away for only one day so you’d want to get to Tobago as quickly as possible and the fastest way to do so is via airplane. Air travel from Trinidad to Tobago is relatively quick and easy, with flights lasting anywhere between 15 -20 mins as compared to the Inter-Island ferry which can take up to 4hrs on average. Caribbean airlines operates multiple flights, daily between the islands which perfectly supports your spontaneous nature. It’s important to note, flight availability may be an issue on public holidays and weekends which may result in you having to go standby. However, Once you’ve arrived in Tobago and exited the ANR International Airport in Crown Point you’re immediately at the epicenter of entertainment and fun. Crown Point is a hub filled with various bars, restaurants, taxi services, bicycle and other vehicle rentals, all within walking distance from the airport giving you an immediate jump start to your Tobago day trip.

Day Trip To Tobago

All Day at Store Bay

Store Bay is the ultimate go to for most day trippers, because of its proximity to the airport, access to craft stores, bathroom facilities and most importantly beach bars. As you may already know, all good adventures begin with a refreshing drink and this one is no exception. Your first stop before doing anything else should be at the local beach bar Man on D’Rock, which is located directly on the edge of Store Bay. Kick back on the patio while sipping on your favorite beverage, with the beat of vibrant Caribbean music in the air and a kingly view of the beach. Store Bay is the ideal location for you to spend the rest of the day living your best life.

Take a Boat Tour

While you are enjoying your day at Store Bay we highly recommend taking a glass bottom boat tour to the world-renowned Nylon pool, Buccoo Reef & No man’s Land. The tour operators are easy to spot and are all willing to guide you to the time of your life. Most tour boats come equipped with knowledgeable tour guides, Dj’s and sound systems which guarantee, you will have an unforgettable experience. Keep in mind these tours may take on average, up to 3hrs to complete which significantly cuts into your Tobago day Trip but we assure you it is worth it.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Regarded as Tobago’s most beautiful beach, Pigeon Point is the embodiment of a tropical oasis. Its scenic road way is traced by magnificent palm trees which waltz graceful in the wind, guiding you to the most premium beaching experience on the island. You can get to Pigeon Point by either hailing a taxi, renting a bicycle or taking a cool stroll as it is not far from the airport. Swim in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, take a selfie on the most photographed jetty in the world, have lunch with your toes in the sand or witness a sunset which warrants a tear. All this and more is available at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park. once you get there its easy to comprehend why we recommend this location as part of your Tobago day trip.

Take to the Road and explore

Tobago isn’t very large so it’s easy to navigate the island thus having access to a vehicle allows you to spread your wings. Visit some of the island’s most iconic sites and attractions such as the old forts which tells the story of Tobago’s colorful, colonial history, take a tour of the Tobago Coco estate, home to some of the world’s best chocolate products, or you can have a fun filled day of beach hopping to the various pristine beaches, especially those on the northern coast of the island. Take to the road and enjoy the jaw dropping views of the mountains, forests and the ocean at every bend fueling your adventurous spirit.

The End

Your day in paradise has unfortunately come to an end. You reluctantly make your way to the airport, as it is time to head back to reality. Before walking through the terminal gates be sure to pick up a few packets of Red Mango, Sugar Cake and Benne Ball, to share with your friends and family. We know there are many more things to experience in Tobago but you couldn’t possibly cover it all in one day. However, as you make your way back home with the most amazing stories and epic photos there in no doubt that you will be back again.

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